Remolas  Ai 22

Remolas Ai 22

Nd yag laser system


It is a high-performance monocrystalline laser that uses the NdCeYAG crystal as an active medium. This crystal is capable of generating yellow light with a wavelength of 532 nm, which is suitable for various applications in medicine, industry, and science. Q-SWITCH LASER is based on the principle of rapid switching of resonator quality, which allows achieving very short and intense laser pulses. This device is very stable with proper cooling systems, ensuring long life and reliable operation.

  • High energy efficiency and low electricity consumption
  • High beam quality and good coherence
  • Ability to adjust power, frequency, and pulse length
  • Wide range of applications in various fields
System specifications:

Power supply: AC110V±10% / 60Hz - AC230V±10% / 50Hz

Screen: 10.4-inch touch screen  (800x600 resolution)

Laser power: 1000W

Laser wavelength: Standard 1064nm; 532nm; 1320nm; Focus tip 1064nm Fractional

Pulse Width: 300 - 1600 mJ - Standart; 300 - 2000 mJ - Optional; 300 - 2500 mJ - Optional

Pulse frequency: 1 - 10Hz

Spot diameter: 1-8 mm

Red sight wavelength: 650 nm

Laser bar type: φ5 + φ7

Cooling method: Water cooling & air cooling

Volume: 58cm x 40cm x 122cm

Weight: 30Kg

Transport volume: 66cm x 52cm x 132cm

Shipping weight: 60Kg

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Nd yag laser system
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